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WATCH: That terrifying moment, seconds before impact

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That terrifying moment…

Every driver has most likely had a ‘That terrifying moment…’ be it a reckless driver just cut your way and slows down or that sound of a bust tyre etc.

One trucker shared, that terrifying moment a sedan cut his way and slammed on the brakes.

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You will be understood if you think the sedan driver was trying to commit suicide given the risk he put himself in. Credit must be given to the trucker for avoiding a freeway mayhem.

Another alert trucker refuses to cause any more damage as he swerves to avoid the first truck and fortunately makes it past without knocking anyone.

Just one of those things that happen everyday on our roads but with horrific outcomes if an angry driver is involved.

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Enough of my thoughts, WATCH! Please share your experiences on the Facebook comments below.

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Two trains crash head on 1 killed, 100 injured 24/10/2016
Two trains crash head on 1 killed, 100 injured 24/10/2016
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