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Watch: Thieves climb on moving truck and steal tarps at Rossburgh, Durban

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In broad daylight, thieves wreak havoc on South Coast road at Rossburgh stretching to Maydorn Wharf.

On Wednesday morning a truck driver filmed them as they climbed on a moving truck ahead of him. They cut the straps and stole two sails.

Speaking to SA Trucker, the driver said he hooted and flashed the victim but he did not hear or see him.

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When he was stopped by the traffic light at the Bridgeport Container Depot, he went and told what had just happened.

It was, however, too late for him to do anything as the thieves disappear into the railway lines before crossing to the other side of Rossburgh.

Further down the same road, two trucks lost a total of trucks to thieves a few day ago.

Thieves pounced as the drivers slept while following the queue to Bridgeport Container Depot.

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The theft was only was discovered in the morning when the truckers woke up.

SA Trucker urges all truckers to be extra-vigilant when using South Coast road from Clairwood to Bayhead road. Some drivers have been attacked before after trying to fight these criminals hence it’s better to avoid their attention by hiding anything of interest from their sight. They especially target, sails, tyres, the load, batteries and your belongings.

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