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Watch: Thieving baboons open truck door to steal food at Kazungula

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While truck drivers worry about the high rate of crime targeting them it gets worse to know that they could also find themselves victimized by baboons who raid their trucks in search of food.

The cheeky primates have now mastered how to open vehicle doors or jump through windows in pursuit of tasty snacks, fruits or even cooked meals.

One truck driver became the unfortunate victim of a ‘baboon robbery’ when he left his truck doors unlocked while processing his documents at Kazungula on Thursday last week.

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A cheeky baboon raided his truck for food, effortlessly opening the door before helping itself to what looked like a KFC meal and some fruits.

The alpha baboon then arrives, bullies off the first baboon and settles down in the truck for an eating session.

Thieving baboons open truck door to steal food at Kazungula
The thief

As the first baboon tries to get back in, it’s chased away again by the alpha baboon which continues to enjoy its meal.

A video clip from the dashcam shows the whole break-in as it occurred.

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The baboon only flees the scene after seeing the driver approaching. It doesn’t go empty-handed though, it grabs a drumstick for the road.

Baboon burglaries are somewhat of a hazard in most border posts around southern Africa. Cases of theft by baboons have also been reported at the Chirundu border post between Zimbabwe and Zambia.

SA Trucker urges truckers to always lock their doors as long as they are not going to be inside the truck because these burglars pounce at lighting fast speeds.

Baboons have learned to associate cars and trucks with food as some motorists feed them even though it’s illegal.

In a viral video below shared on SA Trucker a few years ago, a truck driver can be seen sharing a drink with a baboon. This should never be done!

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Male baboons have at times shown aggressive behaviour if their victims try to stop their thuggery.

It’s a pity that human behaviour has reinforced the animals’ aggressiveness.

Watch the video of the thieving baboons here.

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