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Watch: Truck driver cooks and eats snake found on the N1 in the Karoo

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You may be one of those few people in South Africa who say snake meat tastes yummy just like fish but you will agree with me that the hardest part of getting the dish ready is catching the snake.

Bizarre, for some, but this South African truck driver has filmed himself cooking a snake for dinner. It’s not known if the unidentified trucker killed the snake or if he picked it up on the road after it was run over by a vehicle.

The videos of the truck driver cooking the snake have gone viral on social media.

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The truck driver films the fresh snake in a pot with its head already cut off. He can be heard saying he is near Three Sisters while he shows his Scania truck parked on the N1 stretch from where he got the snake.

He then moves into his truck.

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He starts boiling the snake as he continues to film. When it’s ready, he starts peeling off the scales. He proceeds to cut open the snake then he fries it.

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In the last video, the truck driver shows the almost empty pot with only a few parts remaining of the snake meal.

The news of the truck driver’s unusual meal has sparked outrage on social media, with many calling for his arrest and punishment. However, it seems that the trucker was prepared for the negative attention when he shot the videos.

“I’ve been on the road for weeks, eating nothing but fast food and truck-stop snacks. I needed something different, something special. And this snake, it’s like a delicacy where I come from,” joked a trucker pretending it was him who made the videos.

Many have expressed their concern over the safety and legality of consuming wild animals, especially those that are potentially poisonous or carry diseases. However, this truck driver seems used to the dangerous dish and it looks like he has been doing it for years.

“I’ve eaten all sorts of things on the road. And let me tell you, nothing beats the taste of fresh snake,” boasted another trucker.

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As the controversy surrounding the truck driver’s snake-cooking escapades continues to rage, one can’t help but wonder what other culinary adventures lie ahead for this intrepid road warrior. Only time will tell.

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