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Watch: Truck driver films himself boozing, in front of a traffic cop, while driving

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Strange! Stupid! Ridiculous!

There is no easy way to describe what you will see in the video at the end of this article. Yes, motorists have recorded themselves doing strange things but you would somehow guess their motive. Not in this video.

Is it the social media hype? Wanting to go viral at whatever cost, or just plain stupidity.

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A truck driver filmed himself giving a pint of beer to a Western Cape traffic official before continuing to down his own pint after being stopped at a weighbridge.

In the 37-second video, the truck driver can be heard greeting the traffic official as he stops the truck next to him.

The traffic official asks for his licence, which he gives him what looks like a Zimbabwean licence.

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“I’m drinking, do you want some?” the truck driver is heard saying while stretching his hand to give the officer a pint of beer.

“Sorry, what is that?” asks the baffled cop.

The driver responds that it’s Utshwala, beer and goes on to specify that it’s Hunters.

The cop raises his hand expressing that he will let that one pass. But, the truck driver insists, and he asks him if he really does not want it.

On second thoughts, the traffic official grabs the beer and says, “I can put it inside then”

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After giving the pint to the police official, the truck driver goes on to reach for another open one and downs it.

He captures all this on his cellphone.

He puts down the empty bottle and reaches for his licence which the traffic official is handing him.

As stated earlier, the motive for the driver to record himself drinking alcohol in front of a traffic official and while driving is unknown.

Wait! Or is it 0% alcohol?

Watch the video below:


Moemish of the week – Boozing truck and traffic cop united by Hunters

♬ original sound – SA Trucker

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