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Watch | Video emerges of taxi driver attacking passenger days after driver is shot in Durban

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Just a few days after a taxi driver was shot dead by his passenger after an argument in Durban, a video of a taxi driver verbally abusing and physically attacking a passenger has surfaced online.

While some social media reports have linked the video to the shooting, this could not be immediately confirmed.

In the video, shot by another passenger sitting just behind the taxi driver, the driver can be seen verbally abusing the passenger sitting on the front seat opf the minibus taxi. It’s not known what the arguement was about.

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The taxi driver swears at the passenger who calmly tells him to continue talking and he would reply. The driver charges at the passenger poking him in the face with his pointing finger.

He goes on to threaten to spill blood if the male passenger continues with his attitude.

The taxi driver opens his door and goes around to open the passenger side door and pulls the passenger out of the taxi.

The passenger remains calm throughout the ordeal, trying to reason with the driver who continues to verbally and physically attack him.

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The other passengers asks the man to come seat at the back away from the driver.

After pulling him out of the taxi, the driver trips him and pins him down and threatens to hit him.

Eventually, the driver stops his attack, goes back to his seat, and the video ends. During the ordeal, female passengers can be heard screaming for the driver to stop.

Watch the video below:

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