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We Know You Are Bribing Our Staff With Perfume, Transnet Tells Truckers

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Transnet Port Terminals (TPT) has acknowledged that they know about corrupt activities at the staging area involving its staff and some trucking companies.

In a letter to stakeholders, TPT said it has been monitoring the activities at DCT Pier 2 staging area.

TPT said that it noted that some individuals from certain trucking companies are frequenting the staging area where they park their vehicles in the staff parking area.

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“These individuals utilize the staff facility parking and approach TPT employees in an effort to offer them bribes in order for their trucks to get preference to enter the terminal and bypass the queue,” TPT said in a statement.

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TPT said that the individuals bribe Transnet officials with money wrapped in gate slips and other gifts such as perfumes.

TPT reminded the company owners and/or company representatives that they are not allowed at A-Check.

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Transnet told the culprit trucking companies that they are not allowed to utilize the staff facility parking.

TPT asked the perpetrators to not interfere or interact with staff members who are conducting their duties.

“Transnet has a zero-tolerance when it comes to corruption and will ensure that all parties found guilty will face criminal charges,” read part of the statement.

TPT thanked stakeholders for their continued support and promised to curb any attempts of criminal activities in the terminal.

“If they are only seeing that now,then they are living in a different world. Corruption at the A-Check has been ongoing for years, it slowed down with the introduction of the truck booking system. But now as that system fails, transporters are doing whatever they can to make sure they don’t lose their clients because of delays in the ports,” a transporter who refused to be identified told SA Trucker.

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When TPT introduced the automated truck booking system, it was expected to eliminate congestion on the Bayhead road. But recently, the backlog of trucks queuing to enter the container terminal have caused massive delays for other motorists.

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