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3 arrested as Cape Town traffic cops bust yet another fake documents shop

Cape Town- A stash of “forged” documents, ranging from marriage certificates to driving licences, was seized at an internet shop in Cape Town on Thursday, yet another one in recent months.

In August, SA Trucker reported that a raid by the city’s metro police department made a similar bust in Gugulethu.

Officers followed up information about suspected false motor vehicle licence discs being issued from a backyard printing and internet shop.

“They ended up seizing a number of computers, documents and even templates for everything from medical certificates to identity documents, passports and salary slips.”

In the recent raid three men were arrested and R12,000 cash was seized at the shop in Koeberg Road, said city spokesperson Maxine Bezuidenhout.

She said traffic officers were tipped off about the operation, where they found forged driving licences, vehicle licence discs, bank statements, marriage certificates and asylum documents.

“All of the evidence was handed over to Maitland police and it later transpired that an arrest made by a traffic officer the day before for a fraudulent driving licence could be linked to the case,” said Bezuidenhout.

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