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ATDF-ASA Breaks Tradition, Calls For Truck Drivers To work On Planned Shutdown Day

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In a surprising move, the All Truck Drivers Forum and Allied South African (ATDF-ASA) announced that they will not participate in the planned country-wide shutdown on March 20, 2023.

The ATDF-ASA has been known for freeway shutdowns as a way to bring attention to the issues faced by South African truck drivers. However, in its statement, the ATDF-ASA breaks tradition and calls for all truck drivers to work on the day of the planned shutdown.

This unexpected decision by the ATDF-ASA has sparked debate and raised questions amongst its members as some believe they would have taken advantage of EFF’s national shutdown to express their own grievances while some say they cannot aid Julius Malema’s party for its own agendas.

The statement sheds light on the group’s frustration with politicians and the government, who they believe are not representing the needs of South African citizens.

In the statement, ATDF-ASA emphasized that the group cannot allow politicians to use unemployed citizens to gain political points.

The group believes that politicians are not representing the needs of South Africans but are instead representing the needs of foreigners. The group also expressed frustration with politicians who have not supported local truck drivers and their grievances.

Speaking to SA Trucker, ATDF-ASA Secretary General, Sfiso Nyathi also mentioned that they are aware that many of the people who will be protesting on the day of the shutdown will be foreigners.

He said that the African National Congress (ANC) is paying the price for not listening to the concerns of South African truck drivers.

The statement ends with a strong message, stating that South African truck drivers know how to remove leaders from office and cannot be told by foreigners to remove their government.

It remains to be seen if ATDF-ASA’s decision will have any impact on EFF’s plans as some businesses have already put contingency measures in place to avoid being targeted. Transnet Port of Richards Bay announced that it will close its gates on the 19th of March in anticipation of the shutdown. The company advised transporters not to dispatch trucks to the port three days before the shutdown day.

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