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CCTV Shows Truck Collides With Bus and 3 Cars Leaving 4 Dead in Durban

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Four people have been tragically killed and 28 others injured when a truck and a Durban Metro bus collided before crashing into three other vehicles in Durban on Wednesday afternoon.

KwaZulu-Natal emergency medical services spokesperson Robert McKenzie said paramedics and emergency services were at the scene at the corner of Paisley and Manchester roads in Jacobs, south of Durban.

‚ÄúTragically, four people sustained fatal injuries. Paramedics treated 28 people at the scene and are in the process of transporting them to local hospitals for continued medical care,” McKenzie said.

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The eThekwini fire department resorted to utilising the jaws of life and hydraulic equipment to free a man who was entrapped in his vehicle.

About 28 people injured were stabilised before being transported to various medical care facilities for further treatment.

The injuries range from minor to serious.

SAPS attended the scene to investigate events leading up to the incident.

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Video footage from a nearby company has emerged online showing how the horrific crash happened.

In the 56-second video, the truck and the bus can be seen approaching the intersection at the same time. None of them slows down or stops to yield for the other causing them to collide.

The truck driver loses control and the truck keeps going, crashing into two stationary vehicles.

As the truck disappears from the camera view, people believed to be passengers from the bus can be seen strewn all over the place.

Multiple vehicle crash Jacobs durban

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Bus truck 3 cars collision

Watch the CCTV footage below:

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