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Dashcam captures car narrowly avoiding three collisions in three seconds

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Three close calls in a space of about three seconds sound a bit far-fetched if you haven’t seen this video. With the dashcam footage below, however, you will see that indeed there are people who are that lucky.

This motorist was captured on a dashcam miraculously avoiding or rather escaping two head-on crashes and also being hit by an articulated truck which all happens in a space of about three seconds.

According to information displayed in the footage, the incident happened on the N12 between Oudtshoorn and De Rust on Wednesday 05 April 2023 at 08:46 am.

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In the video, the car appears from the opposite direction to the one in which the recording car is travelling. It looks like it overtook an articulated truck in front of oncoming traffic as it narrowly escapes colliding with another car travelling in the opposite direction – in front of the recording car.

It escapes by going off the road onto its right-hand side shoulder of the road. As it gets back on the road the recording vehicle also approaches. The recording vehicle abruptly reduces speed to avoid colliding with it while pulling off to the left to give it a gap to pass on the centre of the road.

The car manages to pass ‘safely’ narrowly avoiding being hit by the articulated truck to complete the three narrow escapes in three seconds.

Unsafe overtaking is one of the biggest causes of head-on crashes. With traffic increasing on our roads because of the Easter holidays, truckers are urged to be patient with other motorists rushing to get to their homes.

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As truck drivers, we spend our life on the road, as such, we are expected to be able to understand the dangers associated with the increase in traffic on our highways and adjust accordingly. This is not true with many drivers of private vehicles as they are not used to driving long distances.

We wish you a happy and safe Easter holiday.

Watch the video below:

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