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Dashcam captures man throwing himself in front of truck in suspected suicide bid

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In a case of suspected suicide, a man has been captured throwing himself into a truck moving at 80km/h. While there is not much information accompanying the video, it shows that the man’s actions were not a mistake.

In the 12-second video, the dashcam shows that the truck is travelling at 80km/h on a yet unidentified road. The driver is relaxed as everything is under control.

A man can be seen standing next to the road ahead of him. As the truck approaches, the man leaps onto the truck’s path. Without giving the truck driver any chance to react, he jumps onto the truck as it approaches him.

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According to pictures of the aftermath of the crash, the man hit his head on the windscreen of the truck and fell onto the road. It’s not known if he survived the crash, which is highly unlikely.

The truck driver manages to pull off the road and parks on the emergency lane.

It highlights the importance of dashboard cameras in trucks. As you will witness in the video, there seems to be only the truck driver and the man hit by the truck in the picture meaning no one else would have provided police with the evidence of what happened.

The driver would have had to explain what happened exactly and make sure he does not incriminate himself but with dashcam footage evidence, all that has been done for him.

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As a truck driver imagine you had covered the camera because you wanted to pick that man thinking he was a hiker then suddenly he throws himself in front of your truck?

Or, your camera was covered because you were carrying passengers and this happened, you start calculating how much the dashcam would have saved you from stress.

In a similar fashion, a man threw himself in front of a moving truck on a highway on the N2 in Durban. Fortunately, for the driver, his passenger was recording and captured the incident.


Think twice before you block off your dashcam, you never know when you need someone to explain for you what happened.

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Watch the video here.

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