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Dashcam | Truck crashes after driver leaves seat to search for something on bed

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Dashcam video of a truck driver abandoning the seat to go search for something on his bed leading to a crash has surfaced on social media.

According to the video, the accident happened on N9 at Inxuba Yethemba in Eastern Cape yesterday at 07h30.

In the dashcam footage, the driver can be seen trying to reach for something on the bed behind him.

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The video shows that the truck is travelling at 80km/h at a constant speed suggesting he set it on cruise control.

When he fails to reach for what he is looking for, he then leaves the steering wheel and abandons the seat.

When you are driving, there is nothing more important than driving

Less than 5 seconds after neglecting the seat, the truck starts steering off the road.

He quickly rushes back to try and control the truck and manages to keep it upright but it had left the road already.

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Closely looking into the video, it shows that not only was he driving without fastening his seat belt but had it clipped behind him to silence the warning buzzer.

SA Trucker urges truck drivers to avoid distractions when driving. There is nothing more important than driving when you are driving. Ask yourself what is it that you may give preference over concentrating with the steering wheel you will not find anything.

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