DP World and Woolworths introduce Africa’s first axle-powered refrigeration trailer

DP World, in a groundbreaking feat within the African logistics industry, has joined forces with Woolworths to introduce the continent’s first refrigeration trailer featuring the revolutionary AxlePower technology.

This marks a monumental stride in sustainability for the transportation sector in Africa.

AxlePower stands as an advanced system that revolutionizes conventional road transport trailers into sources of clean and efficient electricity.

By harnessing kinetic energy through a specially adapted axle, this innovative technology powers the refrigeration unit, offering tractor-independent, 100% electric cooling for trailers.

The utilization of free and sustainable power translates to zero trailer carbon emissions.

In a collaborative effort with industry leaders Thermo King and BPW, this groundbreaking system, which has showcased exceptional results in recent European trials, signifies a pivotal moment in advancing sustainable energy solutions within Africa’s transport sector.

Esha Mansingh, Head of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability for sub-Saharan Africa at DP World, expressed pride in partnering with Woolworths to usher in an era of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious refrigeration.

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She emphasized that this initiative aligns seamlessly with DP World’s sustainability strategy, ‘Our World, Our Future’, demonstrating a commitment to responsible business practices that prioritize sustainability and impact on people, the environment, and communities.

Feroz Koor, Woolworths Holdings Group Head of Sustainability, echoed this sentiment, stating that the introduction of AxlePower technology to their fleet is a testament to their commitment to sustainability.

In line with their Vision2025+ goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2040, this initiative aims to create a more sustainable and efficient supply chain while reducing the carbon footprint.

To leverage the technology and sustainability benefits to the fullest, this innovative trailer will operate on Woolworths’ long-haul N1 route, operated by DP World, between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

The anticipated reduction of 27 tonnes of carbon emissions on this route throughout the year underscores the environmental impact and efficacy of AxlePower technology.

The collaboration between Woolworths and DP World on this trailer exemplifies the commitment of both organizations to championing innovation in the pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future for Africa’s logistics and retail landscape.