Volvo FM and FMX get an FH Aero-Like External Facelift

Volvo Trucks is making waves once again with the unveiling of refreshed versions of its FM and FMX models.

These stalwarts of the road have undergone a subtle yet significant makeover, boasting updated aesthetics and a host of enhancements geared towards bolstering safety and efficiency.

This marks the first major overhaul of the ranges since their introduction four years ago.

Drawing inspiration from the sleek design of the FH Aero, the revamped trucks showcase refreshed exteriors, easily distinguished by the prominent Volvo Iron Mark badge adorning their fronts.

Notably, they will also come equipped with the innovative Camera Monitoring System, a cutting-edge feature aimed at not only improving fuel efficiency but also enhancing safety through heightened visibility, thanks to the replacement of traditional mirrors with state-of-the-art cameras and screens.

Other Upgrades

  • Volvo’s I-See technology has been refined to save energy and carbon emissions, using a cloud-based topographic map to optimise the driving and enable more driving time in cruise control mode that can both save energy and give more relaxed driving.
  • Updated brakes with Volvo patented drag-free brake discs, pads, and hubs, improving the braking capacity, and reducing energy consumption and emissions.
  • An upgraded user-friendly infotainment system that can be personalized depending on individual needs.
  • Improved sound system, available with six premium high-quality speakers, a new power amplifier, and a subwoofer adding massive power to the sound experience.
  • A new built-in navigation system will be offered with improved maps adapted to truck-specific needs, with automatic map updates enabling efficient delivery of goods.
  • Interior updates also include an integrated microwave oven and USB-C power outlets.
  • Volvo Trucks’ My Business Apps offering has been introduced to more markets. This is a subscription-based service that enables customers to download business-related apps from different providers and use them in the trucks’ side display, bringing real benefits to the uptime and everyday use of the truck.
  • The new Tyre Monitoring Service gives fleet operators a complete view of the truck and trailer, reducing the risk of costs and disturbances related to tyre issues.

“The heavy-duty Volvo trucks are icons in the industry and with the latest upgrades, I am confident that we will further strengthen our position in this segment. Our skilled engineers have done a tremendous job in fine-tuning our heavy-duty trucks for reduced CO2 emissions, improved safety, and even better productivity and customer satisfaction,” reiterated Commenting on the facelifted trucks, which will be available from mid-2024, Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

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