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Driver burnt beyond recognition as petrol tanker burst into flames after crash on N1

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In a horrifying incident on the N1 highway north near Botha Avenue, a driver of a petrol tanker lost control of the vehicle, causing it to overturn and burst into flames.

The driver, tragically, was burnt beyond recognition due to the intense fire that consumed the tanker.

The Tshwane Emergency Services Department swiftly responded to the distress call, dispatching multiple firefighting and support resources to the scene.

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The Tshwane EMS spokesperson, Thabo Charles Mabaso, recounted the intense nature of the accident, stating, “Firefighters could see the smoke and flames from several kilometres away from the incident and could hear multiple explosions as they were approaching the scene.”

“Upon arrival, firefighters were confronted with a distressing sight—a tanker lying on its side, completely engulfed by fire.”

Working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and other emergency medical services, they immediately closed off both directions of the N1, from Botha Avenue to the R21/N1 Flying Saucer interchange.

Tragically, the human remains found in the cab of the tanker were unrecognizable due to the severity of the burns.

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Firefighters focused their efforts on extinguishing the fire, successfully bringing it under control once the ruptured and badly damaged tank was contained.

At the time of the accident, the tanker was carrying approximately 40,000 litres of 93 octane petrol.

Driver burnt beyond recognition as petrol tanker burst into flames after crash on N1

As a precautionary measure, a City of Tshwane environmental management practitioner and a spill cleaning company were activated to address any potential environmental impact.

Watch | N1 north closed to traffic due to petrol tanker on fire

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Water drainage systems were promptly closed to contain any runoff, while firefighting foam from two hose lines and an industrial firefighting truck’s master stream were used to douse the flames.

To effectively manage the scene and combat the fire, the Tshwane Emergency Services dispatched two fire engines, two water tankers, a ladder truck, a mobile command unit, and multiple support vehicles.

The South African Police Services crush scene investigators have taken over the investigation, tasked with determining the cause of the accident.

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