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Presiding officer in a R6 million Durban diesel theft case shot dead during a smoke break

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A tragic incident unfolded in Durban on Tuesday morning as a 54-year-old man, overseeing a disciplinary hearing related to a massive diesel and fuel theft case worth R6 million, was brutally gunned down and killed.

The shocking attack occurred during the man’s break, outside the premises of a business located in the Bluff area of Durban.

At approximately 11 am, while standing near the security entrance parking area and enjoying a cigarette, he was targeted by two assailants.

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According to reports, the victim had just finished his smoke break and was heading back towards the office when the two men approached him.

Without warning, they unleashed a barrage of four gunshots, which proved fatal.

The suspects swiftly fled the scene on foot, leaving behind spent cartridges from a 9mm pistol.

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The disciplinary hearing in question was centered around the theft of diesel and fuel, amounting to a staggering R6 million.

Recent crime statistics reveal a disturbing trend, with KwaZulu-Natal leading the nation in firearm-related murders. From January to March of this year alone, a staggering 842 murders were committed using firearms in the province.

Following closely behind was Gauteng, with 727 firearm-related murders recorded.

KwaZulu-Natal also recorded the highest number of overall murders nationwide, with 1,589 cases reported during the same period. Additionally, the province had the highest number of multiple murders, with 206 individuals falling victim to such crimes.

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