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Gantrans Removes All Foreign Truck Drivers With Immediate Effect

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Gantrans has abandoned the “Last in – First out” system it implemented at the beginning of March to offload foreign truck drivers gradually by using a criteria based on their time of arrival at the company.

However, due to the pressure from the All Truck Drivers Forum Allied South Africa (ATDF-ASA), the company has decided to remove all immigrant truck drivers immediately.

Initially, Gantrans had agreed with the ATDF-ASA to remove all foreign truck drivers by June using the “Last in – First out” system.

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However, due to further pressure from local truck drivers, the company has abandoned this agreement and informed all immigrant truck drivers that their services are no longer required.

As a result, all foreign truck drivers have been instructed to park their trucks at the company’s depot and surrender their keys after completing their current trip.

This decision was made after persistent demonstrations by the ATDF-ASA disrupted daily operations at the company’s premises. Gantrans had hoped to let go of the migrant truck drivers in phases but recent developments have led to the migrant truck drivers leaving immediately.

The decision by Gantrans has sparked debates about the treatment of immigrant workers in the country. The ATDF-ASA has been advocating for the removal of all foreign truck drivers, claiming that they are taking jobs away from locals. However, some have argued that this move is discriminatory and goes against the principles of fair labor practices.

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The situation highlights the need for more comprehensive policies and regulations to address the issue of immigration and employment in South Africa.

It is important to ensure that immigrant workers are not unfairly targeted and that their rights are protected. Additionally, companies should be encouraged to implement fair and transparent hiring practices that prioritize local workers while also acknowledging the value that immigrant workers bring to the economy.

Gantrans’ decision to remove all foreign truck drivers immediately is a contentious issue that raises concerns about fair labour practices and the treatment of immigrant workers in South Africa. It is important for policymakers to address these issues to ensure that all workers are treated fairly and that the country’s economy benefits from the skills and contributions of both locals and immigrants.

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