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Watch: Hero Petrol Attendant Jumps Into Action, Saves Passengers From Burning Taxi

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A petrol attendant’s selfless and brave actions during a burning taxi incident at a petrol station have captured the attention of South Africans.

CCTV footage of the incident shows a minibus taxi parked at a petrol station when flames suddenly engulf the front passenger side.

Passengers are seen trying to escape through the windows as the fire spreads rapidly.

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In the midst of the chaos, the petrol attendant rushes to help, attempting to open the passenger door to free those trapped inside. When his efforts fail, the passenger jumps out through the window.

He jumps to the back of the taxi, where he pulls a woman away from the flames.

He then opens the sliding door to ensure that anyone still inside the taxi can escape to safety.

With the passengers out of harm’s way, the petrol attendant quickly disappears from the shot, returning moments later with a fire extinguisher. He charges back to the taxi and tackles the blaze, directing the extinguisher towards the source of the fire underneath the front axle of the Toyota Hiace.

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Hero Petrol Attendant Jumps Into Action, Saves Passengers From Burning Taxi

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The video ends with the petrol attendant and his two workmates ensuring that the fire does not reignite. The footage of the attendant’s bravery has gone viral, with many people praising his actions and calling for him to be honoured.

South Africans have fallen in love with the attendant’s quick thinking and selflessness in times of crisis. His heroic actions are the reason why noone died in the incident according to the footage.

It’s not known where and when the incident happened.

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Watch the video below:

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