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Hijackers caught and forced to ‘somgaga’ on camera

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Two car hijackers will live to tell the tale that if you get caught by angry crime victims you may end up being forced to do things you have never thought you would ever do in your life.

From voices in the two videos making rounds on social media, the two were caught stealing a vehicle.

The people who caught them presumably forced them to remove their clothes as they are clothless in both clips.

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In the two videos, the two get a chance each to torment the other while they are whipped to encourage them not to stop.

It’s not known where exactly the incident happened or whether the victims opened cases against their tormentors.

Street justice is a major problem in South Africa due to the high prevalence of crime.

Many innocent people have lost their lives after being mistaken for having committed crimes.

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The public is advised against taking the law into their own hands as they may end up in prison for such actions.

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