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Horrifying moment truck filmed pushing a car on highway seemingly unbeknown to the trucker

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A video has emerged online of a Freightliner truck pushing along a small car seemingly without the knowledge of the truck driver in Johannesburg.

The video shows that the incident happened in the Johannesburg area on the N12.

It is not yet known how the car ended up in front of the heavy truck but according to the narrator, the two vehicles collided.

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The truck driver does not seem to notice the car and drives on. The 45 second video starts when the car is already being pushed and goes on for about a kilometre more.

Other motorists hoot at the trucker to try and warn him. One motorist parks on the side of the road and tries to draw the attention of the trucker but he hurriedly jumps back into his bakkie and speeds off fearing he will also be crashed into.

The video does not show how the incident ended as the motorist filming it overtakes the truck.

This is a developing story…

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