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Massyn Vervoer honours promise to secure jobs for employees as the firm closes down

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Massyn Vervoer’s tautliner division closes its doors on 30 April 2022 and the Massyn family have honoured their promise to secure jobs for employees.

Management said the decision to close the division which constitutes 80% of the family owned business came at the backdrop of unfavourable operating conditions in the road freight industry.

Financial Director, Bettie Massyn, said that customers offered rates much lower than their operating costs.

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She mentioned price increases on tyres, toll fees, insurance, fuel, wages and trailers as other contributing factors making running the trucking company a nightmare.

“We’re not able to recoup the extra costs because customers are demanding reduced not increased rates which means we have to carry the increases. This has resulted in our margins shrinking to unsustainable levels,” Massyn said.

Unlike in most cases where the closure of a company automatically means job losses, the Massyn family made sure livelihoods were maintained.

“That is our way of paying back for their loyalty to us. Yes the business couldn’t survive in the current environment and we had to let it go but our staff should not go down with the business,” said Managing Director Frans Massyn.

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“Unfortunately, with the current freight rates and an unstable economy, we could not carry on anymore,

“We would like to thank all our staff, partners and clients who trusted us for the past 40 years we have been in business,”

Massyn Vervoer closes it’s tautliner division on 30 April 2022, which will see them sell off more than 100 trucks.

 Massyn Vervoer honours promise to secure jobs for employees as the firm closes down
Some of the trucks have been bought by Loutrans and Vital Logistics. Pic. Supplied

Some of the trucks have been purchased by Loutrans and some by Vital logistics and by 1 May they will be at the new owners.

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 Massyn Vervoer honours promise to secure jobs for employees as the firm closes down
Massyn Vervoer trucks lined up waiting to be delivered to their new owners. Pic Supplied

“The trucking community has been amazing, all staff except for 3 have been offered new positions at various transporters from Cape to Musina all over. Therefore we are greatful and we say thank you for everybody helping and assisting us in this heartsore time,” Bettie added.

She shared a picture of drivers gathered to sign up for employment with one of the transporters who offered to take them up from the 1st of May 2022.

Former Massyn Vervoer drivers signing up with new employer
Massyn Vervoer truck drivers sign contracts with new employer. Puc Supplied

When SA Trucker broke the story of Massyn Vervoer closing its tautliner division, the same week SA Zero Waste also closed its doors.

Drivers woke up to the news of the company’s sudden closure and were all retrenched. Owners of SA Zero Waste have refused to share publicly what went wrong with the company.

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