n2 truck crash iswepe

Tragedy struck the N2 earlier today as a three truck-collision near Iswepe resulted in the loss of one life and left two others with minor injuries.

Eyewitnesses report that the crash was triggered by a pothole on the roadway, highlighting concerns over infrastructure safety.

The incident unfolded early this morning when one of the trucks struck a pothole, leading to a loss of control and subsequent collision with another truck.

The force of impact caused a chain reaction, with the second truck careening into a third.

The first truck veered off the road upon impact, while the collision between the second and third trucks was severe, resulting in significant damage to the cab of one vehicle and trapping its driver.

Tragically, the trapped driver succumbed to their injuries before emergency responders could extricate them from the wreckage.

The identity of those involved have not yet been released pending notification of next of kin.

An anonymous witness at the scene recounted the harrowing sequence of events, shedding light on the chaos that ensued following the initial collision.

“It all happened so fast. One moment, the truck hit the pothole, and the next, there was a domino effect of collisions,” the witness stated.

Video footage of the scene made rounds on trucking social media platforms.

Emergency services rushed to the scene to attend to the injured, with paramedics providing medical assistance to the two surviving drivers who sustained minor injuries.

The incident prompted temporary lane closures as authorities worked to clear the debris and investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash.

Potholes on roads have long been a concern for motorists, often posing hazards that can lead to accidents and fatalities.

As investigations into the N2 collision continue, authorities are urging motorists to remain vigilant and report any road hazards to prevent further tragedies on the nation’s highways