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N3 Closed on Both Directions at Montrose Following Serious Crash Involving Bus and Two Trucks

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The N3 freeway is currently closed to traffic in both directions at Montrose due to a serious crash involving two trucks and a bus.

The collision’s impact was so severe that it resulted in both trucks erupting in flames, causing chaos and producing thick plumes of smoke at the scene.

The crash occurred just after 03:00 AM.

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Swift action by first responders and firefighters successfully brought the inferno under control, and the fires have been extinguished.

However, the aftermath of the crash has left the N3 freeway entirely blocked in both directions, leading to a significant traffic backlog.

Emergency services, including paramedics and law enforcement, quickly arrived at the scene to provide aid to the injured and manage the situation.

Currently, there are no official reports regarding the extent of injuries or casualties, but efforts are underway to provide medical attention to those involved in the accident.

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Road users in the Montrose vicinity, located between Van Reenen and Harrismith, are urged to exercise patience as they navigate the area.

The closure of all lanes on this major transport route has resulted in substantial disruptions to travel plans.

In response to this critical situation, authorities are diligently working to reopen at least one lane as soon as possible, with the goal of alleviating the traffic congestion that has developed as a result of the accident.

Further updates on the situation will be provided as they become available.

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For real-time traffic information and to report any issues related to the N3 Toll Route, concerned road users are encouraged to contact the 24-hour N3 Helpline at 0800 63 43 57. Additionally, updates can be found on Twitter via the official @N3Route account.

As the investigation into the accident continues and efforts to clear the wreckage progress, our thoughts go out to those affected by this tragic incident.

We urge all road users to exercise caution and comply with the instructions of emergency personnel in the area as they work tirelessly to restore normalcy to the N3 Toll Route.

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