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Nkomazi Residents Halt N4 Traffic Amid Abduction Horror, Farmworkers Tortured on Video, Crying for Help

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Nkomazi residents in Mpumalanga have taken desperate measures blocking off the N4 at Mananga junction demanding authorities act fast to rescue three kidnapped farmworkers.

Disturbing videos showing the victims in unimaginable agony being tortured by their captors while pleading for help have been widely circulated on social media.

While reports on social media suggest that a ransom demand has been made by the kidnappers, this information has not yet been officially confirmed by law enforcement agencies.

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The victims remain in captivity, adding to the anxiety and desperation of their loved ones.

It’s alleged that the victims were abducted after leaving their workplace at a farm near Komatipoort.

Their captors recorded videos as they tortured them and demand that their relatives for their release.

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In response to the lack of progress in securing the release of the kidnapped victims, residents from various areas in Nkomazi took to the streets, blocking the N4 highway between the Mananga road junction and Lebombo border post near Komatipoort.

They want swift action from the police and other law enforcement agencies to ensure the safe return of the farmworkers.

The shocking videos that have emerged on social media depict the three victims enduring unimaginable torment at the hands of their captors.

Their cries for help and pleas for mercy have ignited outrage among the local community, prompting the desperate appeal for intervention.

Local authorities were quick to respond to the protest, with police and emergency services working to clear the N4 highway, which had been blocked by demonstrators using trucks.

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According to reports from TRACN4route, by 22h38, the road had been cleared, and traffic was allowed to flow once more.

However, the grim reality remains – the hostages are still being held captive, and their safety remains uncertain.

The incident has sent shockwaves through Nkomazi and has sparked discussions on social media and within the community about the need for increased security measures in rural areas.

Residents are demanding that the government take immediate and decisive action to address the issue of kidnapping, which has become a growing concern in the region.

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