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Residents of Nkomazi are mobilizing to protest against the alarming increase in kidnappings and the escalating wave of crime that has plagued their community.

This information comes from various social media posts inviting residents to participate in a strike scheduled for Monday, aimed at addressing the issue of crime that has been a growing concern in their area.

The impending strike, set for tomorrow, is surrounded by an air of secrecy, as the leaders of the demonstration have chosen to remain anonymous.

Nevertheless, their message is unequivocal, Nkomazi can no longer tolerate the kidnappings and other criminal activities that have disrupted their lives.

Transporters, truckers, and fleet managers operating along the N4 highway are strongly urged to closely monitor the community’s plans, as these actions could potentially disrupt their operations.

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They are encouraged to prepare for possible disruptions on this vital transportation route if the strike proceeds as planned.

The residents of Nkomazi are making it abundantly clear that they are prepared to take matters into their own hands in their pursuit of answers and justice.

One of the primary focal points of this demonstration is the closure of Komatipoort, a significant checkpoint in the region.

This closure symbolizes the community’s unwavering determination to directly confront the issue of crime.

As they gather in protest, they are sending a powerful message that they will not relent until their safety and security are guaranteed.

The areas designated for closure encompass TSB Crossing, N4 Malelane Crossing, T571 with N4 link-up, and Mjejane.

These strategic locations will temporarily be inaccessible as residents raise their voices and prepare their surroundings not only for their own safety but also for the safety of their neighbours.

This movement is prompted by a distressing kidnapping case that sent shockwaves through the community.

Three farmworkers were abducted, and videos depicting their torment at the hands of their captors, who demanded ransom, circulated widely on social media platforms.

This incident is just one in a series of kidnappings that have plagued the area, with truck drivers also falling victim to these heinous crimes.

Their decision to strike and block key access points is a heartfelt plea for the government and law enforcement agencies to take swift action.

It is a cry for justice and security that reverberates not only within their community but across the nation.

The residents of Nkomazi are not alone in their battle against crime.

They are extending an invitation to others to stand in solidarity with them as they demand accountability, safety, and a future free from fear.

The outcome of tomorrow’s strike remains uncertain, but stakeholders are urged to plan accordingly accommodating the possibility of disturbances on the N4 route.