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Pics: Trucker jumps off runaway truck to escape harm

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Every second counts when you are in a tight situation. This trucker did not want to leave it until the last minute.

After his truck allegedly lost brakes, he jumped off, and soon the truck would leave the road and crash into a river several metres below the high bridge just after Shongweni offramp on N3 south towards Mariannhill toll gate.

He sustained moderate injuries.

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The situation would have been very different had the truck crashed with him still inside. Looking at the pictures of the wreckage, you may agree with me that surviving would have been a miracle.

About two kilometres after the crash scene, there is an arrestor bed, which may tempt some to think that maybe he could have held on and sunk the wheels into the sand.

However, a trucker who has been in the situation will tell you that it’s what comes to mind first that you do.

“If you have time to consider two options then your situation is still manageable, in desperate situations you do what comes to mind first and you may not always even remember making the decision,” a trucker once said.

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SA Trucker wishes the trucker a speedy recovery.

Meanwhile, on the same Monday morning, a truck driver was injured when two trucks collided on the N3 South Bound near Midway.

Jaws of life had to be used to free the entrapped trucker before he was stabilised and transferred to hospital.

n3 estcourt truck accident
A truck driver was entrapped in his truck wreck after colliding with another on N3. Pic supplied
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