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Watch | Looters Pounce on Burning Overturned Truck on N9 Highway

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Skhumbuzo Masiko
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In a sadly predictable display of lawlessness, looters swarmed an overturned truck engulfed in flames along the N9 highway at At Graaf Reniet this Saturday morning April 20, 2024.

Disturbing footage captured the chaos as individuals desperately attempted to breach the trailer in a bid to salvage its contents, believed to be meat before the inferno consumed everything.

The road was completely blocked as the truck and trailer lay across the roadway.

Witnesses described a chilling sight as the truck, its cargo ablaze, sprawled across the highway, presenting an enticing target for those with criminal intent. With smoke billowing into the sky and flames licking the air, a group of individuals were observed brazenly attempting to force open the trailer doors to access its contents.

Video footage captured by bystanders depicted the chaotic scene vividly.

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In the clip, one suspect can be seen hacking at the trailer body as he desperately seeks entry, driven by a singular goal – to steal whatever valuables lay within the burning wreckage.

While the exact nature of the truck’s cargo remains unconfirmed, reports suggest it was carrying a shipment of meat, likely intensifying the looters’ fervour, who saw an opportunity for a barbecue.

The video concludes before the looting spree begins, but witnesses confirmed that the trailer was emptied.

The truck driver reportedly sustained minor injuries.

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