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Shocking Dashcam Exposes Driver With Alcohol, Female Passenger During N14 Lichtenburg Crash

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Lichtenburg – Startling dashcam footage has emerged, shedding light on a truck accident that occurred on Thursday afternoon along the N14 highway in Lichtenburg.

An articulated truck carrying alcohol overturned, causing a massive road blockade that brought traffic to a standstill.

The incident has taken a perplexing turn as the video reveals an unsettling series of events.

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Videos circulating on social media depict not only the wreckage but also a frenzy of public looting as onlookers swarmed the overturned truck, making off with the alcoholic cargo.

Lichtenburg truck crash

The exact cause of the accident remains shrouded in mystery, as the truck’s incab camera was initially blocked by the driver.

However, the camera’s view was inadvertently cleared following the crash, unveiling a disconcerting scene.

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To the shock of viewers, the footage shows the driver accompanied by a female passenger. In a disturbing sequence, the driver reaches for a bottle of alcohol, seemingly unaware that the camera had resumed recording.

Shortly after realizing he was under surveillance, the driver, whose identity remains undisclosed, hastily obscures the camera once more, using a tissue roll.

This act of secrecy appears to succeed on his second attempt.

What remains baffling is how the driver lost control of the vehicle, especially considering that the truck was travelling at a relatively low speed of 47 km/h.

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Investigations are underway to ascertain the circumstances leading to the accident, the involvement of alcohol, and the identity of the female passenger.

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