stowaway captured riding under truck cape town

Dramatic footage has emerged this Thursday morning showing a stowaway clinging to the undercarriage of a moving truck on the N1 inbound near Plattekloof, Cape Town.

The video, captured by a quick-thinking motorist, reveals the alarming and dangerous lengths some individuals will go to in order to travel undetected.

The motorist, passing the truck, initially thought they spotted something amiss and quickly realized it was a person precariously attached to the truck’s chassis.

Deciding to film the incident, they provided evidence of this perilous journey.

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“I was shocked and knew immediately that this was something extraordinary,” said the motorist, who preferred anonymity.

“It was crucial to document this because it’s hard to believe without seeing it.”

The truck, operated by a well-known logistics company, was in travelling towards Cape Town when the incident occurred. The driver was oblivious to the stowaway until they were alerted by the footage.

This is not just illegal, but incredibly dangerous. The consequences could be fatal not just for the stowaway but also for other road users.

Watch the video below.

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