Drivers from South African based trucking companies are crying foul over the failure of the DRC authorities to offer them security in the volatile Kasumbalesa region.

This after robbers fired several shots at them during a robbery this week.

The bullets narrowly missed the drivers parked at a truck stop at Kasumbalesa border post. The trucks’ windscreens were however shattered by the AK 47 rounds.

“Empty bullet shells are as common as beer bottle tops in this area,” said Mr John Sibanda, who says it’s the umpteenth time it has happened but he has never seen authorities act.

Sibanda works for a Johannesburg based trucking company which specialises in cross border freight.

Drivers had to flee their trucks under seige from criminals wielding AK47s.

“They fired shots randomly at our trucks and we had to run for cover leaving our belongings in the trucks,” Sibanda added.

A total of five smartphones, gas stoves and cash were taken in the brazen robbery.

Other crossborder truckers who spoke to SA Trucker said such robberies were becoming the order of the day and the police gave not been helpful at all.

Another trucker Mr. P Hoto, who works for a Zimbabwean based trucking company said:

“It’s high time the police provide us escort or if they can’t then our companies themselves should hire guards before they witness a massive exodus of drivers from their establishments”

None of the contacted trucking companies had responded at the time of print.

SA Trucker will keep you up to date on the plans for the driver safety in volatile areas in the DRC.

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