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Toll fees suspended for KZN motorists affected by floods

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Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula has suspended toll fees for KwaZulu-Natal road users affected by the devastating floods last week.

In a media statement on the toll fee suspension, Mbalula wrote:


Following the declaration of the national state of disaster by the President following devastating floods in KwaZulu-Natal, we have been seized with urgent interventions to alleviate the plight of the people affected by the disaster.

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The damage to the roads in KwaZulu-Natal is extensive resulting in the closure of many roads to allow for clearing and rebuilding.

Amongst the interventions, I made a request to the Board of the South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) to consider intervention that include suspension of toll fees in seriously affected areas.

The SANRAL Board, in line with its mandate, took a resolution to suspend the payment of toll fees at the oThongathi and Mvoti toll plazas on the N2 Toll Route in KwaZulu-Natal.

This suspension will go a long way in assisting communities affected by the closure of alternative roads, which have been damaged by the floods.

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This intervention follows representations from affected communities and a formal request by the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Government to ameliorate the plight of road users who were now being forced to use the N2 because of the closure of alternative roads.

This then results in locals and other motorists paying toll fees they would not ordinarily have had to pay were the alternative roads operational.

We have listened to the pleas of the affected communities and the provincial government and responded in line with our posture as a caring government.

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With my full support as the Shareholder Minister, the SANRAL Board has resolved:

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1. The payment of toll fees at the oThongathi and Mvoti toll plazas on the N2 Toll Route will be suspended as an interim measure with effect from 6pm on 22 April 2022.

2. The repair of the alternative roads, while these interim measures are in place, will be prioritized and accelerated so as to make it possible for the affected communities to be able to use them again as soon as possible.

3. The cost to SANRAL as a result of this decision will constitute an additional contribution by SANRAL to the relief of the disaster.

Over the next few months, SANRAL will be the lead agency, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, on the extensive work required to repair roads in the Province.

We must work together as government, business and all organs of civil society to respond to the plight of those impacted on by this devastation and do everything in our power to ensure their lives return to normal as speedily as possible. Ends

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