10> You have a reserved parking space with your name on it at the traffic court.

9> Even in a 4 lane highway you always drive in the fast lane

8> Everytime you finish climbing down the hill your brakes are smelling

7> After less than an hour in your truck, your assistant changes his mind and all of a sudden he doesn’t need the job

6> You don’t remember how you passed some few kilometres earlier

5> You press the accelerator when being overtaken

4> You see more middle fingers than a manicurist.

3> The traffic cops in your province have memorized your date of birth, home address and license plate number

2>On the social networks, You are always online

1> Every time your other cell phone rings while you’re busy texting on the other one, you spill your tea, drop your glasses and rear-end the car in front of you on the freeway.

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