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Traffic Alert | Wet and Extremely Cold Weather Expected on the N3 Toll Route

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Motorists planning to use the N3 Toll Route between Cedara in KwaZulu-Natal and Heidelberg in Gauteng are advised to brace themselves for challenging weather conditions as a wet and bitterly cold front approaches the region.

The Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI) has issued a warning about the anticipated hazardous conditions, which were expected to impact the route from last night, Thursday, onwards.

The affected areas, particularly in the vicinity of Harrismith, Van Reenen (including Van Reenen Pass), Ladysmith, and Mooi River, could experience severe weather conditions, leading to potential traffic disruptions and delays.

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High-lying regions are especially prone to adverse weather, making it crucial for road users to exercise extra caution while driving through these zones.

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Transport and logistics operators, especially those carrying livestock and perishable goods, are urged to take additional precautions to safeguard their cargo.

The extreme weather conditions might pose risks to both the well-being of animals and the quality of perishable loads during transportation.

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To ensure the safety of all road users during this challenging period, the RTI may implement traffic control measures along the N3 Toll Route if driving conditions become dangerously adverse.

These measures will be enforced with the primary goal of reducing accidents and ensuring the smooth flow of traffic.

In light of the expected freezing temperatures, all motorists are strongly advised to be adequately prepared for any unforeseen emergencies.

It is recommended to keep extra blankets, food, and essential supplies in their vehicles.

For individuals with medical conditions, carrying sufficient medical supplies and medication is of utmost importance to manage any potential health issues that may arise during the journey.

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For those seeking real-time updates on the weather and traffic conditions along the N3 Toll Route, the 24-hour N3 Helpline can be reached at 0800 63 43 57.

Additionally, the latest information can also be obtained by following the @N3Route and @rsa_trucker Twitter accounts.

Authorities are reminding all road users to prioritize safety and take all necessary precautions while traveling during this period of challenging weather.

By exercising vigilance and preparedness, motorists can help ensure a safer journey for themselves and others.

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