Innovative Staffing Solutions (ISS) truck drivers working under TimeLink Cargo are on strike, citing a range of grievances that have raised concerns about working conditions and labor practices.

The drivers claim of a lack of basic pay, non-registration with the National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI), misrepresentation of pay on payslips, and issues related to food allowances.

Lack of Basic Pay
Drivers allege that they are not receiving a basic salary, which has direct implications for their financial stability and well-being.

Non-registration with NBCRFLI
There are accusations that the drivers are not registered with the NBCRFLI, a crucial entity that ensures fair labour practices and benefits for those in the road freight and logistics industry.

Misrepresentation of Pay on Payslip
Despite payslips indicating a basic salary, drivers assert that they are paid per load, raising questions about transparency in payment practices.

Food Allowance Issues
The claim that food money is given as an advance but later deducted from their pay adds another layer to the grievances, questioning the fairness and consistency of the company’s policies regarding allowances.

A number of side tipper interlink from TimeLink Cargo were seen parked along the N3 at Bergville as the drivers downed tools on Friday afternoon.

In response to these serious allegations, ISS has issued a statement confirming the work strike which they say only a small group of drivers are involved without specifying the number even after this reporter specifically asked them to clarify.

ISS expressed surprise at the allegations and stated that files of the implicated employees were thoroughly reviewed, revealing no formal complaints.

The company further addressed specific issues, including the denial of a lack of basic pay and the misrepresentation of pay on payslips.

ISS acknowledged its involvement in a lengthy litigation process with NBCRFLI which has caused several unrests within their staff members who are entitled to be registered according to the existing regulations.

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ISS argues that their model of operation should be allowed to operate off the NBCRFLI radar, the Labour Court is yet to determine if ISS’ business falls within the Council’s industry.

ISS promised a full investigation into any unprotected strike actions in accordance with relevant labour legislation and disciplinary codes.