new volvo fh aero

Volvo Trucks has released details of the new FH Aero, featuring cutting-edge aerodynamic design and advanced energy efficiency, which slashes energy consumption and emissions by up to 5%.

Customers will have four options to choose from: the FH Aero, FH Aero Electric, FH Aero gas-powered and FH16 Aero.

The beastly FH16 Aero becomes Volvo Trucks’ most powerful offering with it’s 780hp engine.

The new models will be rolled out during 2024-2025.


The new Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System
Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System

Replacing traditional exterior mirrors, the FH features Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System, contributing to its aerodynamics and safety.

This opens the overall field of vision for the driver, improving the safety of the driver and the surrounding road users.

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Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System
Volvo’s Camera Monitoring System

The camera system has a positive impact on the driver’s visibility in rainy and dark conditions, but also in direct sunlight and when driving in tunnels.

When driving with a trailer, the camera system has an auto-panning function, following the turning trailer.

“The new Volvo FH Aero is our most efficient truck ever as we continue to reduce CO2 from our entire product range,” says Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks. “This is a Volvo truck at its best – a safe, beautifully designed and superior quality truck for tough long-haul tasks, designed for the success of our customers.”

The front of the Volvo FH Aero cab has been extended by 24 centimetres to create a more aerodynamic truck cab, providing better aerodynamics and lower fuel consumption and improved stability in windy conditions. Watch the Volvo FH Aero in action.

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