taxi association lebombo border post

Locals and other motorists have praised the efforts of the taxi patrol personnel for their intervention in alleviating congestion on the N4 route to the Lebombo border.

However, concerns have been raised by the trucking community regarding the aggressive tactics employed by these vigilantes, fearing that their actions may eventually result in loss of life.

In a recent incident, the taxi patrol vigilantes were captured on video chasing down a truck and firing shots at it, while a traffic police car attempted to block the fleeing vehicle.

A total of eight gunshots could be heard from the video.

Allegedly, the truck driver was evading the police after they had attempted to stop him for cutting in line.

Impatient truck drivers purportedly contribute to the congestion by creating two or three lanes, obstructing the road.

Truck drivers who spoke with SA Trucker accused South African border officials of causing delays at the border post.

One trucker explained, “They accuse us of jumping the queue, but they fail to consider the reasons behind our actions. The border officials work slowly, leading to congestion. Consequently, some drivers end up napping in the queue due to exhaustion. Is it appropriate for me to wake a sleeping driver? No, especially when unaware of their recent rest. I quietly move ahead. The primary issue lies with the sluggish processing by the border officials, not with us.”

The Malelane and Komatipoort Taxi Associations stepped in to assist in clearing the route for their taxis.

The taxi associations state that their intervention aims to facilitate a smooth traffic flow and enhance the safety of both truck drivers and other motorists. Numerous incidents of robberies targeting motorists have been reported when the road is blocked, including cases of truck drivers being kidnapped for ransom.

The Lebombo border post ranks among the country’s busiest entry points, serving as a gateway to Maputo Harbour, an alternative to the bustling Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal.

Delivery trucks spend hours, and sometimes days, queued up for border crossing into Mozambique. This situation leads to traffic congestion in Komatipoort, the final town before reaching the Lebombo Border gate.

Local residents have expressed their gratitude to the taxi operators for taking this initiative. One resident stated, “It has also impacted our ability to travel into town and access schools. The taxi associations have instilled a sense of order. We can once again move freely, reach the town, and transport our goods.”

The Lebombo Maputo Corridor Transport Logistics has called upon the government to get involved and assist in managing the situation.