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Watch: N3 Blocked Off with Burning Tyres in Vosloorus

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Protesters have disrupted traffic on the N3 Durban bound freeway at Vosloorus, Gauteng, by blocking the road with burning tyres and debris.

The situation has brought traffic to a standstill, causing severe delays for commuters and truckers passing through the area.

The protest action was reported around 20h37 when a group of demonstrators gathered on the N3 highway, strategically blocking off the Durban-bound lanes.

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Eyewitnesses reported that the protesters ignited tyres, creating plumes of thick black smoke that could be seen from a distance.

The Leondale and Vosloorus areas have been significantly affected, with roads in the vicinity also closed due to the burning tyres and debris.

The scene is currently chaotic, with police responding to the situation to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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As a result of the protest, traffic on the N3 South has come to a complete halt.

Commuters are urged to seek alternate routes to avoid being stuck in the gridlock.

Local authorities have not provided a clear timeline for when the road will be reopened, but they are working to resolve the situation.

Truck drivers, in particular, are advised to steer clear of the affected area to prevent further congestion and potential safety hazards.

The reasons behind the protest have not yet been confirmed, and it remains unclear which group or organization is responsible for the demonstration.

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Police are on the scene, attempting to establish communication with the protesters to address their grievances and bring an end to the road blockade.

Local authorities are urging residents and motorists to remain patient and vigilant during this time.

Updates on the situation will be provided as they become available, and efforts to reopen the N3 Durban-bound lanes are ongoing.

In the meantime, those planning to travel through the Leondale and Vosloorus areas are strongly advised to check for traffic updates and consider alternative routes to avoid the disruption caused by the protest.

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