n3 accident at peter brown flour spillage

The N3 Southbound carriageway near Peter Brown Drive, neasr Peitermaritzburg, was closed following a serious accident that left the roadway covered in flour on Saturday morning.

The incident occurred when an articulated truck, carrying a load of flour, crashed and spilled its cargo onto the highway.

One person suffered minor injuries, but the real casualty was the morning commute.

The accident, which occurred during the early hours, led to the temporary shutdown of the N3 Southbound as emergency responders and road authorities worked diligently to clear the flour-covered roadway.

ALS paramedics, who swiftly arrived at the scene, reported that one person sustained minor injuries as a result of the accident.

They provided immediate medical attention on site.

The injured individual is said to be in stable condition.

Zinhle Mngomezulu, spokesperson for the Road Traffic Inspectorate (RTI), explained that the accident had prompted a swift response from relevant authorities who were on scene to manage the unexpected mess.

She remarked, “A large truck laden with flour crashed and spilled its load, resulting in the road needing to be closed.”

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However, she couldn’t provide confirmation regarding the reopening of the affected road at the time of her statement.

The flour spill, which covered a significant stretch of the roadway, necessitated a careful and thorough cleanup operation.

Motorists were urged to seek alternative routes while the cleanup efforts were ongoing.

As the cleanup operation progressed, traffic congestion on the N3 Southbound carriageway grew significantly.

The authorities and cleanup crews worked tirelessly to expedite the reopening of the N3 Southbound carriageway.

Motorists are encouraged to exercise caution and patience while authorities work to restore normal traffic flow on the N3 Southbound, and to stay informed regarding the latest updates on the situation.

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