Komatipoort – The ongoing struggle between traffic officials and truck drivers at the Lebombo border post reached a perilous climax when a truck driver recklessly drove with a traffic officer desperately clinging to the truck’s bumper.

The Lebombo border post has been grappling with significant traffic backlogs, prompting truck drivers to employ various strategies to expedite their passage, including jumping the queue.

This congestion has proved challenging for traffic officials, leading to substantial traffic disruptions in the Komatipoort area.

A video recently emerged on social media, revealing a harrowing incident involving a traffic officer and a Volvo truck.

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In the video, the traffic officer can be seen standing precariously on the bumper of the truck.

According to an unnamed source, the confrontation unfolded when the truck driver had parked in a designated “no parking” zone, sparking a dispute with the traffic official.

The exact circumstances that led to the officer clinging to the truck’s bumper remain unclear at this time.

In a shocking turn of events, the truck driver accelerated, leaving the traffic official hanging dangerously from the bumper as the vehicle sped away.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of both traffic officials and truck drivers as they navigate the challenges at the Lebombo border post.

Watch the video below:

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