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Watch: Nigerian Man Resists Arrest, Disarms SAPS Officer in Cape Town Altercation

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In a shocking incident captured on video, a Nigerian man resisted arrest from a South African Police Service (SAPS) officer and went ahead to disarm him in Cape Town.

In the video, two SAPS officers can be seen chasing after the suspect before before they catch him.

One of the officers is seen holding the suspect by the belt, but the man is wrestling to free himself.

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A crowd in support of the Nigerian man gathers around and makes the job hard for the cops as they encourage the suspect to fight the officer off.

In the process, the suspect manages to retrieve the officer’s gun from its holster, causing much hype from onlookers from the crowd who shouts for him to shoot the cop.

The crowd scatters around including the videographer upon seeing the two wrestle for the gun.

The tension in the air is palpable as the officer’s partner watches helplessly, unable to intervene.

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Despite the chaos and confusion, the SAPS officer manages to wrestle the firearm back from the Nigerian man and secures it back in the holster.

The struggle continues, with both men grappling and trying to gain the upper hand.

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The video does not show how the altercation ended, however, on social media, the public has expressed their unhappiness with the way the officer’s partner failed to assist his own during the altercation.

The SAPS has yet to release a statement regarding the incident, but the video has sparked widespread outrage and calls for action against the suspect and his accomplices.

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