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Watch: Robbers Devise New Deceptive Trick to Hijack Truck on N2 at Izingolweni

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In a disturbing turn of events on the N2 highway at Izingolweni in KwaZulu Natal, criminals have devised a startling new tactic to hijack trucks, leaving both drivers and law enforcement baffled.

The area is a live hotspot for truck hijackings which has seen security establishing a base to escort trucks on the mountains.

This truck which was targeted, apparently, did not use the services of the security escort.

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The new innovative method involves the use of a blinding bright light to disorient the truck driver, rendering them temporarily incapable of navigating safely.

The result? The driver comes to a halt to ensure they don’t risk an accident.

Little do they know, this pause plays right into the hands of these audacious criminals.

The new hijacking trick came to light after a truck driver and his three assistants fell victim to the cunning ploy.

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As the bright light pierced through the darkness of the night, the driver’s vision was compromised, leading him to pull over.

Seizing the opportunity, the robbers sprang into action.

With a chilling precision, they force marched the truck driver and his three assistants out of the truck.

Two of the hijackers jump into the truck’s cab, effectively wresting control of the vehicle from the bewildered driver.

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This alarming method allowed them to take command of the cargo and the truck itself.

But the criminals didn’t stop there.

Their clever maneuvre to deceive investigators added another layer of sophistication to their operation.

After taking control of the truck, they initiated a jamming device, disrupting any tracking signals or communication with law enforcement.

What makes this part of the tactic particularly devious is what follows.

Instead of fleeing in the opposite direction, as one might expect, the hijackers continued on the same route the truck had been travelling.

This seemingly innocent move was a crucial element of their scheme.

By maintaining the same direction for a short period, they cleverly misled law enforcement officers.

As the trackers on the truck reported its continued movement in the original direction, the hijackers suddenly executed a sharp U-turn, heading back in the direction from which they had initially come.

This sudden reversal was calculated to sow confusion among pursuing officers.

It would caused them to travel in the opposite direction, searching for a vehicle that was no longer there.

This sophisticated trick highlights the evolving tactics employed by criminals in the world of truck hijacking so rampant in South Africa.

Law enforcement agencies and trucking companies alike now face the challenge of adapting to these inventive and audacious maneuvres.

In response, it becomes paramount for drivers and trucking companies to stay vigilant, especially during night journeys on isolated roads.

Authorities must also invest in advanced tracking technologies and collaborate to develop strategies to counteract these new threats.

The incident on the N2 at Izingolweni serves as a stark reminder that criminals will stop at nothing to achieve their illicit goals.

As they become increasingly adept at using innovative tactics, the fight against truck hijacking must evolve in parallel to ensure the safety of our roads and the security of valuable cargo.


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