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Watch: Truck overturns in a perfect how not to tackle a bend with a truck

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Recently side tipper truck drivers have been dominating social media with so many incidents of bad driving behaviour on our roads.

In this video, the side tipper trucker presents a perfect example of how not to tackle a bend with a truck. His way, would definitely make you overturn, something that a professional truck driver never want to experience.

While, there are so many things one should consider when approaching a curve, the most important and obvious to many, is to reduce speed.

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This trucker, however, ignores the general rule and takes the bend at high speed and flips the truck.

Side tipper truck takes bend too fast

Analysis and comments from the trucking community suggests that side tipper trucking is one of the worst sectors affected by unfavourable working conditions for drivers.

Chief amongst reasons why side tipper truckers are involved in so many accidents is the incentive pay scheme imposed on drivers by unscrupulous trucking companies. Drivers are indirectly forced to overwork or break the law in their attempt to drive longer thereby increasing their earnings.

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One truck driver who has been in the sector penned down a detailed article of reasons causing side tipper truck accidents.

SA Trucker feels that government has got to investigate the working conditions the drivers are subjected to and come up with corrective measures.

Watch the video below:

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