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Watch: Toyota Quantum driver doing 160km/h but still can’t catch up with a truck

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A video has emerged online of a Toyota Quantum driver doing 160km/h behind a heavy truck but still not able to catch up with it.

The driver records the dashboard reading of his vehicle while also capturing the flying truck.

“I doing 160km/h but I can’t catch this truck. These trucks are driven by something else, not people,” he says in utter disbelief of the speed of the truck.

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The video surfaces at a time when a minibus taxi collided into an overturned truck killing 16 people in Pietermaritzburg earlier this morning. Several other vehicles were involved in the crash.

The taxi caught fire and all the occupants except a 7 year old boy were burnt to death.

Coming to the viral video, it’s not known when or where it happened.

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SA Trucker urges fellow truckers to be more cautious when driving and minimise chances of being involved in accidents such as the one mentioned above.

Watch the video below:

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