Watch: Truck Hurtles Down Van Reenen Pass at 190km/h After Brake Failure

A gripping spectacle unfolded on the Van Reenen Pass as a Zambian truck, grappling with brake failure, descended at a mind-boggling speed of 190km/h, a heart-stopping incident captured on a viral video.

In a 2-minute and 34-second footage recorded by a traffic official tailing the runaway vehicle, the audio echoes with sirens wailing from the trailing police car, amplifying the intensity of the situation.

Evident in the video are plumes of smoke emanating from the trailer’s wheels, an unmistakable confirmation of the compromised braking system.

The traffic officer skillfully manages to stave off vehicles tailing behind while simultaneously alerting oncoming traffic to the impending danger.

The initial glimpse at the officer’s dashboard reveals a speed of 119km/h, only for the truck to progressively accelerate as it navigates the steep descent of the Van Reenen Pass.

In a chilling twist, the officer’s dashboard registers a staggering 190km/h after a brief passage of time, underscoring the gravity of the truck’s uncontrollable velocity.

Fate takes an unexpected turn as the path ahead of the truck remains clear, accompanied by a handful of fellow company trucks in its convoy, offering a glimmer of luck for the embattled truck driver.

The video concludes as the truck reaches the base of the pass, a hair’s breadth away from an incline that could have potentially mitigated its momentum.

Watch | Run away truck spirals down Van Reenen Pass

As the dust settles on this heart-pounding incident, the truck driver’s fate remains shrouded in uncertainty.

SA Trucker will provide further insight into the outcome of this harrowing episode when updates become available.