truck lose brakes on kapiringozi

In a hair-raising video that has shocked viewers on social media, a truck is seen hurtling out of control down the treacherous Kapiringozi Mountain Pass in Zambia.

The heart-stopping footage, lasting over three minutes, captures the moment when the truck, seemingly losing its brakes, descends the notorious pass with massive smoke billowing from its wheels.

Filmed by a passenger in another vehicle, the video underscores the extreme dangers posed by the Kapiringozi Mountain Pass, renowned for its deadly crashes involving trucks.

Located in Zambia, this mountain pass has gained infamy as a hotspot for tragic accidents, with hardly a week passing without a serious incident occurring.

In the video, the truck can be seen careening down the winding road, its brakes seemingly failing as thick smoke engulfs its wheels.

The driver appears to struggle desperately to regain control, but the sheer steepness and curves of the pass make it an uphill battle.

Witnesses observing the scene unfold express their shock and disbelief as the truck gains momentum, barreling dangerously close to the edge of the road.

The passenger capturing the footage can be heard gasping and expressing concern for the safety of those on board the runaway vehicle.

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The truck continues its frenzied descent down the mountain pass, leaving a trail of smoke and fear in its wake.

The Kapiringozi Mountain Pass has long been a cause for concern among transportation authorities in Zambia.

Its narrow roads, sharp turns, and steep gradients present significant challenges for drivers, particularly those operating heavy vehicles like trucks.

Fatal accidents on the Kapiringozi Mountain Pass have claimed numerous lives over the years, prompting calls for improved safety measures and stricter enforcement of regulations governing vehicle maintenance and operation on the pass.

As the alarming video continues to circulate on social media platforms, it serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for action to address the hazards posed by the Kapiringozi Mountain Pass and ensure the safety of all road users traversing this perilous route in Zambia.