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Watch: Ventersburg Truck Stop Cargo Thieves Captured On Camera As Cases Escalate

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The Ventersburg Truck Stop on N1 continues to be a hub of criminal activity with reports of theft and robbery cases continuing to increase. The truck stop’s lack of fencing and proximity to a nearby residential area have made it vulnerable to criminal attacks.

According to a report by SABC in August 2022, the truck stop does not have security so it relies on volunteers from the local community but their efforts are overwhelmed. It reported that the truck stop management did not renew the contract with the security company after it expired.

Several incidents of cargo theft have been reported at the truck stop, with the latest one occurring on Tuesday when thieves targeted some tautliners. They steal diesel, wheels, batteries, cargo, tarp and anything else they can find. The situation has become so dire but local authorities are hardly visible.

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In a recent video, two thieves were caught in the act of stealing from a parked truck. The footage shows the criminals calmly walking away from the scene with a 25kg bag each, before disappearing into the neighbouring residential area.

The video also reveals the cameraman’s reluctance to intervene, presumably due to knowledge of a previous incident where a truck driver was stabbed while attempting to recover his stolen hydraulic jack from the criminals.

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Reports indicate that the criminal activities at the truck stop have been going on for some time. In September, thieves stole a consignment of Savanna beer, and in October 2022, a truck driver was stabbed when he tried to apprehend the criminals.

Concerns about crime at Ventersburg Truck Stop have been raised by truck drivers for a long time with some drivers calling for increased security measures to be put in place.

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Local authorities have yet to provide a response to the situation, and the truck drivers are appealing for urgent action to be taken to prevent further criminal activity at the truck stop.

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