tazz driver knock down thief

Sandy-Lee Ward, the Durban woman behind the wheel of a Toyota Tazz that chased down and knocked a man who had stolen from her, has revealed that she was followed by another vehicle after the incident, in what she suspects to be another attempt to hijack her.

She said that a silver Toyota Fortuner followed her, and its occupants also tried to hijack her.

She had to speed away from them.

Explaining the motivation behind her actions in the first incident, in a video she released online, she said, “My entire life was in that bag… That’s what motivated me. As those guys fled, I remember speaking in the softest voice, ‘Lord, those are my belongings. They cannot take my belongings. They belong to me.'”

In the video, Ward explained that she had just been to the bank to obtain a confirmation letter when she was attacked at the boom gate of a shopping centre.

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“I didn’t withdraw a significant amount of money. I only had two rand on me… However, I had my driver’s license, house keys, ID, confirmation letter, bank card with all my information, and my phone, which was held together with sticky tape,” she stated.

Ward struggled to hold back tears as she revealed that her entire life was in her handbag and car, and they were all she had.

While Ward is being praised as a hero on social media for taking matters into her own hands, according to TimesLive, KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda has stated that pending an investigation into the incident, Ward is not yet cleared of any potential charges.

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