Cash in transit video pretoria

The aftermath. Source: @Abramjee Twitter

Bulletproof windows, great driving skills and a very strong Toyota Landcruiser bakkie are the reason why two escort guards in a cash-in-transit vehicle survived a horrific attack last week.

The two were on the road when armed robbers opened fire on their cruiser which fortunately for them, was bulletproof.

A round, which appeared to be from an assault rifle, was aimed directly at the driver but it failed to penetrate the armoured escort vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, who was apparently in the police task force, was lauded for the way he handled the situation.

National Police spokesman, BrigadierVish Naidoo said: “On Thursday, 22 April, a group of men tried to rob a CIT vehicle on the N4 in Pretoria. The suspects fired several shots at the CIT vehicle in an attempt to stop it during a high-speed chase.

“The driver of the CIT vehicle managed to evade the robbers for a while but later stopped in wait for the robbers. The robbers fled without taking any money. No arrests have yet been made.”

At the end of the video, the retired cop grabs the rifle from his companion and springs into action.

With his back against the wall and ready to exchange fire he waited for the robbers to catch up but seemingly his earlier resistance was enough to put them off.

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They fled empty handed.

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On social media, where the video has gone viral, some hoped he would get a movie role and others went far as comparing him to James Bond.

“Hollywood shows us actors, Real life shows us heroes.” wrote Robert Schultz.

Nelson Club commented “Chuck Norris, James Bond, John Wick and Jason Bourne all rolled into one actual living person…mad respect”

 Leo Prinsloo second video
Click pic to watch second hair raising video of the incident.
Atrempted cash in transit heist pretoria
The aftermath. Source: @Abramjee Twitter
Atrempted cit heist video
The aftermath. Source: @Abramjee Twitter
Cash in transit video pretoria
The aftermath. Source: @Abramjee Twitter