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Dashcam captures fatal Durban three truck crash

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Dashcam footage has emerged of a fatal crash that happened on Tuesday morning at the intersection of South Coast road and Bayhead road in Durban.

In the video filmed from one of the involved trucks shows two trucks (a white Mercedes Powerliner and a red Scania) enter the intersection without yielding for each other causing the crash.

Despite the traffic lights not working the red Scania does not stop nor even slow down while the Powerliner manouvres without seeing the fast approaching truck.

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After colliding with the Powerliner, the driver of the red Scania loses control and hit a pedestrian.

The pedestrian sadly lost his life in the accident.

After hitting the pedestrian, the red Scania then crashes into the truck from where the dashcam filmed.

Paramedics reported that two people sustained minor injuries.

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This intersection is notorious for collisions eapecially when the traffic lights are not working, truckers are urged to be extra cautious if they find themselves passing there.

Watch video below:

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